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Statement on pirated domain name websites


We found that illegal people use this similar domain name( Counterfeit our company and sell our products. When the criminals receive the payment, they will postpone or not deliver the goods. It has caused significant economic losses and mental harm to many consumers. We severely condemned this abominable act and reported to relevant departments and filed a case. At the same time, it reserves the right to pursue further investigations based on developments.Here, we solemnly declare: We do not authorize it to use our company's brand name, trademark and graphic materials. This website has nothing to do with Freewing model and is purely a network fraud website!

Please note that our correct URL is:
  (New)  (FlightlineRC Brand)

Finally, we hereby advise all RC fans around the world who need or intend to buy our products or other RC brand products, do not shop on this website, so as not to be deceived and suffer losses!

If you have any questions, please contact:  

Or call  

+86 769 82 669 669

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                                                                                       Hongkong Freewing Model International Co., Ltd.        

                                                                                       November 10, 2020

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