Use of water stickers

Water stickers are a common type of stickers today. Using water as a medium, the separated printed content is transferred to the surface of the pasted object, and indirectly presents a printing-like effect on the physical surface. The water sticker has bright color and thick ink layer. The pattern picture has a strong sense of subjectivity and can adapt to any curved and curved surface. Its application industries are very wide, including our model products.

Today, we are here to introduce to you in detail how to use the water sticker of our model airplane correctly.


1. Prepare a basin of warm water and a piece of cotton cloth.


2.Cut out the patterns of each area separately and place them in order. Then, put one of the patterns to be pasted into the water and soak for about 1 minute.

3.Then gently try to twist it with your fingers. Make sure that the glue between the pattern layer and the bottom tape has melted, and the pattern layer can slide on the bottom paper. After separation, remove it from the water.

 (Note: Do not over-soak, otherwise the pattern layer will automatically separate from the bottom paper and float into the water. And the patterns are easy to stick together and difficult to separate.)


4.Place it on the model near the location where the pattern needs to be pasted, and gently slide the pattern layer from the base paper to the surface of the model with your fingers. The bottom paper can be thrown away. (If the pattern area is large, you can use a wet towel to wipe the area where the object needs to be pasted in advance to keep the surface with a certain amount of water)


5.After the pattern is successfully transferred from the bottom paper to the surface of the model, adjust the pattern layer according to the following actual conditions.

A. If the pattern is small, directly adjust the position of the pattern accurately, and use a sanitary swab or cotton cloth to absorb the residual moisture between the sticker and the model while squeezing out the residual bubbles.

B. If the pattern area is large, we need to gently smooth the sticker from the center of the pattern to the surrounding area with fingers. At the same time, while smoothing the sticker, slowly move and adjust the pattern to the correct position.

(In the process of adjusting the position of the sticker and smoothing, it is necessary to maintain sufficient water between the sticker and the physical surface. The water film layer can play a lubricating effect and facilitate us to move the sticker)

   When the sticker is smooth and the position is accurate, use a cotton cloth to wipe from the center of the pattern to the surroundings (slightly press) to drain and absorb the water on the surface and below the sticker。


6.Place it to dry, and the water sticker with various contents can be firmly adhered to the surface of the model.



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