Freewing AL37 Airliner Twin 70mm EDF Jet
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MaterialEPO foam & ABS Plastic
Wingspan1830mm / 72.04in
Length2000mm / 78.74in
Take off weight3350g / 118.16oz (w/o battery)
Top Speed-
EDF / Propeller70mm 12-Blade EDF ×2
Motor2952-2100KV Inrunner Motor ×2
ESC60A with 5A UBEC ×2

Digital Hybrid gear Servo 9g ╳ 4
Digital Matel gear Servo 9g ╳ 6

Landing Gear

Electronic retractable aluminum trailing link

Cabin doorYes
LED lightsYes
Spcial accessoriesMulti-Function Control Box E (MCB-E)
Specification parameter introduction
Skill Level 
Specification parameter introduction
Required Radio 
6+ Channel
Specification parameter introduction
Required Battery
6 Cell 22.2V 4000~6000mAh  
EC5 Connector
Specification parameter introduction
Assembly Way
Fixed by screw
Specification parameter introduction
Build Time
About 1.5 hours



Exquisite decals

Freewing [**]L37 [**]irliner package contains exquisite decals. 

[**]nd, you can respray your favorite color on the white painted fuselage.

Scale Flap

The scale flaps controlled by 4 pcs servos have excellent visual and practical effects


Landing gear

[**]L37 [**]irliner use the electronic retractable landing gear with aluminum CNC shock-absorbing landing gear main struts,and use "E" shape retract Reinforcement Metal Piece and install large-size wheels to achieve the conditions of grass take-off and landing

Cabin door

The plastic cabin door produced by the mould has high precision. When the front and rear cabin door are closed, the gap is smaller 

and more beautiful!


Scale navigation lights

The 11 pcs LED navigation lights controlled by the MFCB control box are very cool.

MFCB control box-Contains long-on, single, double and multiple stroboscopic interfaces. You can change the flashing frequency of the navigation lights according to your needs.

Main wing connection 

The main wing mounting pin is embedded with a copper nut, which has a long life

The plug slot design looks neat and beautiful.


Vertical wing tip

The vertical wingtips are wrapped in plastic and are not easily damaged.

The splicing between the wing tip and the main wing uses the card slot structure that Freewing has always used, which is convenient and practical.

Battery compartment space

Huge battery compartment space can meet all your needs


Center of gravity (CG) logo

The CG logo is engraved on the foam surface of the root of the main wing of the Freewing [**]L37 [**]irliner. You can easily confirm the center of gravity anytime, anywhere.

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