Freewing F-14 Tomcat Twin 80mm EDF Jet
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● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  
  6S PNP
Material EPO foam & ABS Plastic
Wingspan 1016mm retracted 1550mm extended / 40in retracted 61in extended
Length 1498mm / 59in
Take off weight 4160g / 147oz (w/o battery)
Top Speed 180KPH / 112.5MPH
EDF / Propeller 80mm 12-Blade EDF ×2
Motor 3630-1680KV Inrunner Motor ×2
ESC 80A ×2 with 8A UBEC , EC5 Connector

Digital matel gear servo 9g ╳ 2pcs
Digital matel gear servo 17g ╳ 6pcs
Digital matel gear servo 23g ╳ 2pcs

Landing Gear

Electric retractable suspension gear

Cabin door Yes
LED lights 9pcs
Spcial accessories LED light controller V3
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flap Yes
Canards -
Specification parameter introduction
Skill Level 
Specification parameter introduction
Required Radio 
6+ Channel
Specification parameter introduction
Required Battery
TWO 6S 22.2V 4000~5000mAh LiPo
EC5 Connector
Specification parameter introduction
Assembly Way
Fixed by screw
Specification parameter introduction
Build Time
About 1 hours




Freewing 80mm F-14D model jet, its length is 1498mm and ratio is about 1 : 12.5. 

It adopts the VF-2 "Bounty Hunter" camouflage specially introduced by the U.S. Navy in the mid-1990s.


Swept Wing

Precision aluminum frame with built-in bearings to ensure the strength and accuracy required for the main wing to be swept back.

Through 2 powerful ( worm  controllers, to control the main wing to swept wing action.

The special central control box ensures the normal connection of electronic equioment 

and avoids interference when the main wing is moving.


Scale missiles

It includes two type of missiles, one type of bomb and pylons.


LED light

It includes 8 pcs LED light at factory, and installs in 7 positions refer to the real jet.



It pre-installed with 2 pilots and plastic instrument panels, color instrument decals.


Battery compartment

Battery compartment can put in 2 sets of 6S 5000mAh batteries, effectively improving battery life.


Landing gear

The landing gear uses M series electric retractable controller, CNC aluminum shock absorber strut.

And it includes the nose cabin door controlled by servo.


Control surface

The control surface connects by the metal ball buckles with concealed shaft design, 

built-in rotating shaft and plastic hinge, has high safety and better visual affect.


Nose cone and scale antenna

Nose cone is made of glass fiber material, which is light in weight. Seven plastic antennas are installed on the left/right nose cone.


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