Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum Red Star Camo Twin 80mm EDF Jet
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● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  
  6S PNP
Material EPO foam & ABS Plastic
Wingspan 1257mm / 49.4in
Length 1878mm / 73.9in
Take off weight 4300g / 151.6oz (w/o battery)
Top Speed 210KPH / 131.25MPH
EDF / Propeller 80mm 9-Blade EDF ×2
Motor 3658-1920KV Inrunner Motor ×2
ESC 100A ×2 with 8A UBEC , EC5 Connector

Digital matel gear servo 9g ╳ 2pcs

Digital matel gear servo 17g ╳ 7pcs
Digital matel gear 8kg servo 30g ╳ 2pcs

Landing Gear

Electric retractable suspension gear

Cabin door Yes
LED lights Yes
Spcial accessories LED light controller V3
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flap Yes
Canards -
3DTV Nozzle Set
Specification parameter introduction
Skill Level 
Specification parameter introduction
Required Radio 
6+ Channel
Specification parameter introduction
Required Battery
TWO 6S 22.2V 4000~5000mAh LiPo
EC5 Connector
Specification parameter introduction
Assembly Way
Fixed by screw
Specification parameter introduction
Build Time
About 1 hours




Beautiful decal and painting

We sticked the other decals at factory except the tiger decal on the vertical stabilizer.

Among all electric foam models, this is  the first product to be painted with digital camouflage.


Scale navigation lights

11 scale LED navigation lights 

controlled by the MFCB control box, very cool

The MFCB control box includes 

a constant light and a variety of strobe ports, 

you can change the light flashing frequency 

according to your needs



Large battery compartment 

There are three full-size battery spaces 

under the Freewing MiG-29 cockpit.

Easily adapt to the center of gravity 

by changing the battery position。


Landing gear and wheels

New #E8613 series electric controller 

with super torque (

with high-strength internal structure and shell

CNC aluminum shock absorber strut

and decorative plastic parts.

65mm/85mm outer diameter wheel, 

can adapt to most grass takeoff 

and landing environments


Cabin door

Freewing MiG-29 includes a complete front door and a main landing gear door covering 75% of the area

Assemble main wing

The main wing mounting pin is embedded 

with a copper nut for long life

Adopting "non-loosable" design, 

the loosened screws will not fall off the main wing


Missile and pylon

It includes 8 scale missiles.

The installation of missiles and pylons 

uses the Freewing standard slot structure. 

If you have other scale weapons of similar proportions, you can use them freely.

Install horizontal stabilizer 

The rotating shaft containing the bearing 

effectively reduces the gap.

Metal elevator arm, copper ball head buckle 

and transmission carbon tube pushrod

can ensure the transmission precision 

as much as possible





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