Freewing 64mm 6S-12B I/R Power system
Freewing 64mm 6S-12B I/R Power system


SKU E7208
Motor types 2949-2300KV I/R Motor
Ducted fan 64mm 12-Blade ducted fan Mark II
Weight 186g / 6.56 oz
Voltage 6S 22.2V
Current 1 40A (Maximum current : 42A)
Thrust 2 1640g / 57.9oz (Maximum thrust : 1740g / 61.4oz )
ESC requires 3  ≥ 40A

1. This number is based on testing with a Lipo battery to mimic actually flying. (instead of a constant voltage power source). When testing with a Lipo battery, the amperage drops as voltage drops. The testing lasts 30 seconds.
2. Thrust testing results may vary depending on the testing methods. Our product uses the following method to conduct the test: The EDF unit is fixed on the testing rack (thrust pointing upwards), The testing rack is then placed on a weight scale. Use a Lipo battery to power the EDF unit, then push the throttle to 100% output. The average thrust will be calculated over the 30 seconds testing period. The max thrust will also be displayed.
3. When testing an EDF unit rated for 6S 40A. The ESC used to conduct the test should be as follow: ESC working voltage ≥ 6S 22.2V. ESC peak current amperage ≥ 50A. Ensure the ESC is getting proper heat dissipation during the test. Otherwise, please use a higher amperage rating ESC to conduct the test.



Use for
 - Dual 64mm A-10 Version II , 64mm F-18 Version II , 64mm F-22 Version II , Banshee 64


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