FlightLine Velocity 990mm racer propeller airplane
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● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  


 EPO foam & ABS Plastic
 Wingspan  990mm / 39.37"
 Length  700mm / 27.55"
 Take off weight  566g / 19.96oz (w/o battery)
 Top Speed  170KPH / 105.6MPH (Level flight)
 EDF / Propeller  2-Blade 7 ╳ 6
 Motor  2939-1480KV Out runner brushless motor
 ESC  40A / 5A BEC

 Digital plastic gear servo 9g ╳ 4pcs

 Landing Gear


 Cabin door  -
 LED lights  -
 Spcial accessories  -
 Ailerons  ●
 Elevator  ●
 Rudder  ●
 Flap  -
 Canards  -
 3DTV Nozzle Set  -
 After-burner  -




● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  
Models   Propeller Motors   ESC Servos Landing gear Cabin door Led lights


Control board

PNP - - - - -
ARF Plus - - - - - - -



Specification parameter introduction
Skill Level 
Specification parameter introduction
Required Radio 
4 Channel
Specification parameter introduction
Required Battery
4s 14.8V 2600-2600mAh LiPo
Specification parameter introduction
Assembly Way
Fixed by screw and glue
Specification parameter introduction
Build Time
About 1/2 hours



Wingspan 990mm, Length:700mm. Bright yellow/black dynamic water decal is eye-catching in the air!


Hand launch easily

It used a larger wing aspect ratio, and a high-lift airfoil. 

During take-off by  hand launch, the plane is easy to maintain a stable attitude.


Efficient heat dissipation design

There are two NACA air inlets on the nose cone, and two air outlets at the tail.

During flight, heat dissipation is carried out on motors, batteries, and ESC through the entry and exit of airflow.


Smart battery tray design

Through the battery tray, users can easily fix and replace the battery, 

solving the difficulties of limited internal oprating space and difficult operation. 

The battery tray and fixed seat are designed with elastic buckles, making them to disassemble and reuse.


Servo protection design

The main wing servo is located on the upper surface of main wing and is protected by a plastic protective cover to 

protect the servo rocker arm.  For land lauch plane without landing gear, this design can effectively avoid damage 

to the control structure caused by foreign objects during landing.


Abdominal protective cover

We added a blister protective cover to the belly, it can prevent belly wear during landing and touchdown.


Main wing install with no glue and CG logo

The integrated main wing design, with the main wing and horizontal tail, can be installed with just 6 screws.

On the lower surface of main wing, there is a CG marking line that allows for the center of gravity confirmation.



Power system

The 4S has a powerful out-runner power system with a peak force of 1.35KG. The strong pulling force allows the plane to 

quickly take-off and climb high.During level flight, it can bring a powerful cruising speed of up to approximately 170 km/h.



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