Freewing PLAAF L-15/JL-10 64mm EDF Jet
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● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  


 EPO foam & ABS Plastic
 Wingspan  760mm / 29.9"
 Length  970mm / 38.2"
 Take off weight  910g / 32.09oz (w/o battery)
 Top Speed  150KPH / 93~94MPH (w/o missiles)
 EDF / Propeller  64mm 12-Blade ducted fan (V2,2023)
 Motor  2840-2850KV Out runner Brushless Motor
 ESC  40A / 5A BEC with EC5 Connector  (Thrust reversing ESC)

 Digital plastic gear servo 9g ╳ 8pcs

 Landing Gear

 Fixed real scale landing gear

 Cabin door  -
 LED lights  -
 Spcial accessories  New FreewingGuard 6-Axis Gyro,
 Ailerons   ●
 Elevator   ●
 Rudder   ●
 Flap   ●
 Canards   -
 3DTV Nozzle Set   -
 After-burner   ○


● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  
Models   EDF Fan Motors   ESC Servos Landing gear Cabin door Led lights


Control board

PNP - - -
ARF Plus - - - - - - -






Specification parameter introduction
Skill Level 
Specification parameter introduction
Required Radio 
6+ Channel
Specification parameter introduction
Required Battery
4S 14.8V 2200~3200mAh LiPo
EC5 Connector
Specification parameter introduction
Assembly Way
Fixed by screw
Specification parameter introduction
Build & Setting Time
About 1 hours



Model Missiles

L-15 64mm contains two PL-8 and two PL-12 scale model missiles. Mounted through a guide rail, it can be easily and quickly assemble/disassemble at any time. When you fly with missiles, it looks even more imposing.


Wing structure

Main wing, horizontal tail, vertical tail are designed with quick assemble structure, which are convenient for carry and storage.


Full Elevator

L-15 adopts a full elevator design, which looks more scale. Larger and more efficient elevator can easily complete the inverted flight and loops flight.


Control surface Arm

Double layer plastic parts on top and bottom, double fixed with glue and screws, ball buckle connection, smoother push-rod movement.


Standard Landing gear

The front and rear landing gears are embedded with L-shaped steel wires and covered with scale plastic parts, forming a kneeling structure as a whole. Has a certain degree of shock absorption ability.


Upgrade shock absorbing landing gear

One of PNP version use the upgrade metal shock absorbing landing gears for better shock absorption.

You can also purchase this shock absorbing landing gear as an additional option for the steel wire landing gear version.

Just a few steps, you can replace it easily.


Pre-set Gyro EG01

L-15 is equipped with a new “FreewingGuard” Six-Axis gyro, and pre-set L-15 flight parameters.

A new “Freewing Guard” gyro, after download the app, you can freely set the gyroscope parameters on your phone through the Freewing Blue Bridge.

What you move with your fingertips is what you think! For more details on Freewing Guard, please click to know!


Power system – 4S

The second generation 64 series 12 blade EDF power system is quieter sound and higher efficiency.

-4S basic version is pre-installed the 2840 out-runner motor and 40A V2 ESC with thrust reverse function.


Power system – 6S

The second generation 64 series 12 blade EDF power system is quieter sound and higher efficiency.

-6S basic version is pre-installed the 2949 in-runner motor and 50A ESC with thrust reverse function.


Battery compartment space

Large battery compartment space allows for easy storage of batteries ranging from 2200mAh to 3300mAh for 4S or 6S.


Thoughtful design of important logos

The lower surface of the main wing has a center of gravity marking line.

On the side of the nose, there is a canard wing centered position for your reference.

Get accurate and important information anytime, anywhere.


Extensibility – Tail after burner LED light

New in-runner motor tail prefabricated 2 screw holes, you can install the tail after burner LED light according to requirements.


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